Estimated 800 People March the Streets of Ginza, Tokyo in Protest Against Children’s COVID Vaccination



東京・銀座で子供へのワクチン接種に反対するデモ 約800人が行進



Japan: Estimated 800 People March the Streets of Ginza, Tokyo in Protest Against Children’s COVID Vaccination.
July 22, 2021

On July 22, the first day of summer break for most elementary school children in Japan, estimated 800 people participated in the protesting march against children’s COVID-19 vaccination at Ginza, Tokyo.

“Don’t vaccinate the children during the summer break!”
“Don’t need vaccine passports!”

Long line of people including parents with children marched the 2 km course from Hibiya Park in Chiyoda-ward. A mother (age 45) from Chiba prefecture who participated with her two sons (4 years old and 6 years old) spoke of her anxiety “The vaccine is new and has not completed the normal procedural clinical trial, so I don’t wish to vaccinate my children. Face masking children in this heat is also hazardous. “
A corporate employee (age 36) from Saitama prefecture argued “ Given that the long term effects are unknown, I think the exclusively pro-vaccine trend is dangerous.”

On the sidewalk, there were criticizing voices such as “These actions stand in the way of the global trend”, while some pedestrians applauded. A man (age 67) from Nerima-ward, Tokyo, said “It’s no wonder because the public has hardly been informed of the risks.”

Kazuo Sato (age 74), representative of the executive committee for this demo, and a former Japan Ground Self-Defence Force Colonel, pointed out “I’m surprised how more than expected people participated, but I believe this is the true voice of the public. When vaccinating the Self-defense officials and police officers, should there be adverse health effects, it could result in national security and public safety risk.”